Hello, I'm Sean H.

Hi! I'm Sean. I'm a TEDx speaker, mental health advocate and CEO of human performance company Energx. After learning the hard way, my specialty is helping humans and workplaces slay the energy vampires that cause burnout. So far I've helped over 10,000 people at companies like Facebook, Unilever, Qantas, and Deloitte develop their anti-burnout superpowers to excel in times of change and uncertainty. I do this by teaching the skill of ‘Energy Intelligence’ which combines the latest science from fields like neuroscience, positive psychology, sleep science, growth mindset, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. My personal mission is to help everyone have the energy they need to discover and achieve their X Factor. Check out my TED talk here https://www.ted.com/talks/sean_hall_how_to_have_more_energy_jan_2017

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