Hello, I'm Nicola W.

Trolley'd is Australia's first mobile bar and events company embracing the qualities of sustainability, foraged native Australian and local organic produce. Our vision for a healthy planet embraces the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle, regenerate’ ethos throughout our entire production line. Our mission is to take the world to new heights, and to leave the planet at least a little bit better than when we found it. Giving used objects a life beyond their original purpose was the beginning of our adventure. We started our journey 6 years ago by repurposing a fleet of ex-Ansett airline trolleys into mobile bars. The bars are aeronautically engineered for efficient beverage service, easily transportable with all glassware, ice and equipment neatly tucked inside. But we didn’t stop at trolleys and have repurposed a variety of aviation equipment over the years for mind blowing ‘experiential’ mobile bar events, including airline chairs, a Shorts 330 aeroplane, cockpit stage, fuselage with seating for 36, an airline hangar, and air freight container. We have curated festival stages such as “Let Them Eat Cake 2020” to rave reviews. The journey of our drinks and our produce is of equal importance. We are strictly no plastic (straws suck), and produce all of our tinctures, cordials, botanical mixers and garnishes in-house using native Australian, local organic and wild food produce. We only use produce that is seasonally and locally accessible through the natural cycles of nature due to the positive environmental benefits and the reduction in carbon emissions.

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